IEEE Smart Village at PowerAfrica 2019 Conference

Abuja, Nigeria 19-25th August 2019

When & Where

IEEE Smart Village (ISV) co-locates a series of workshops, presentations and round-table discussions each year at IEEE’s annual Power Africa Conference (PAC). Two of IEEE larger societies, Power and Energy (35,000+ members) and the Industrial Applications (14,000+ members) have joined forces to coordinate the latest international forum on clean and affordable energy pathways in support of the United Nation’s sustainable development goals (SDGs).  2019 IEEE PES/IAS POWER AFRICA CONFERENCE will last 4 days from the 20th to the 23rd of August. It will be held in Abuja at International Training Institute on Shehu Shagari Way, Maitama. Abuja is located in the center of Nigeria, within the Federal Capital District. Abuja is a planned city. It was built within the 1980s to replace Lagos, the most populous city of Nigeria as capital. The city of Abuja is very peaceful with a lot of attractions.

ISV meetings will start a day earlier than the general conference and extend one day past. Activities kick off Tuesday the 19th with an all-day tutorial on micro-grid technology and deployment and end with a farewell dinner the evening of Saturday the 25th. Between those events the ISV delegation will partake in a selection of Power Africa sessions and events as well as conduct its own semi-independent series of programs. We encourage you to travel to Abuja on Monday the 18th and plan to depart on Sunday the 25th so you can fully enjoy the full week with the ISV community.


ISV program at PAC 2019 will be distributed across sessions scheduled from the morning of the 19th to close of the 24th of August in Abuja, Nigeria. Several of the sessions will be open to the general body of PAC registrants. Others limited to ISV participants.

Energy Workshop & Tutorial
This year's ISV program kicks off with an all-day Tutorial comprehensively diving into the appropriate technology and deployment of small scale 5-100Kw PV Solar powered micro-utilities. In addition to learning about the design, purchase, installation and operation of islanded village-scale micro-utilities, the Tutorial will also include real-world case studies and sharing of lessons learned from ISV-funded projects in Africa and India. Then, for the balance of the week, the program includes workshops discussing DC and AC microgrids as well as data acquisition and telemetry and portable battery kits optimization.

Educational sessions
Through presentations and tutorials, participants will learn to identify needs, set learning objectives, establish a curriculum, and how to provide vocational training that creates village opportunities in communities receiving ISV support. The issue of digital learning technology and access for remote off-the-internet communities will also be addressed.

Enterprise & Entrepreneurship
ISV-funded programs encourage and assist current and aspiring energy pioneers to validate their business models and methods to scale. This usually goes through a combination of expert presentations on a variety of development issues related to enhancing technical and functional expertise, business tools and how to expand IEEE member networking.

Technical and Cultural Tour
Participants have the opportunity to see the latest big and small power technology and learn about Nigeria during fully guided professional tours. Learn more here

On top of the above, sessions are also organized to present ISV's Mission, Vision and Goals as well as how to apply to ISV financial support. The program gives space to representatives from both current and aspiring ISV project to share their, lessons learned, challenges encountered, achievements, opportunities and goals. These project introductions are a catalyst to further discourse with ISV leadership as well as their entrepreneurial compatriots.

What is ISV?

IEEE Smart Village stimulates social enterprise by providing renewable electrical systems, start-up training and ongoing support to help poor, energy-deprived communities globally build toward sustainable prosperity.
The goal of IEEE Smart Village is to engage ten Smart Village Entrepreneurs each year, support them with up to $200,000 of seed funding and help them grow a micro-utility business that will impact a million people with clean electricity, communications and quality education.

What is ISV?

Why apply?

The IEEE Smart Village New Talents Program is about developing leadership, community involvement and global connections.

At the PES Power Africa Conference you will meet with members of the Smart Village Leadership that can guide you to become a Smart Village Energy Entrepreneur.  At the Workshop you will network with a new generation of Smart Village Entrepreneurs that are building and operating successful and sustainable micro-utility business across Africa and India.
What does the program include? - Scholarship up to $1,500 to cover the following fees:
  • Flight tickets
  • Potential visa fees
  • On-site transportation
  • Accommodation
  • Food allowance
  • And participation on unique Smart Village workshops, events and activities
This is a highly competitive grant. Only a few scholarships will be granted with a maximum of $1,500 per individual. Smart Village may award less than $1,500 as solely determined by Smart Village based on the merits of the application and perceived need. Smart Village funding will not totally cover all expenses as outlined above. Award recipients must cover a portion of expenses from their own resources. Scholarship funds will be paid to award winners on a reimbursement basis subsequent to the conference upon submission of expense reports with documented receipts.

Who can apply?

IEEE Smart Village supports talented young individuals, who aspire to lead or are already leading electrification projects in the most vulnerable communities in the world. IEEE Smart Village provide leadership opportunities and financial support to participate on the PowerAfrica Conference in Abuja and the extended ISV events August 19 -24, 2019.

The Smart Village New talents program is built to help you become a leader. What does that mean?

A leaders brings people together. A leader has vision, confidences and integrity. A leader never gives up. A leader is not afraid to take a risk or try new ideas. A leader has compassion and strength. A leader gives back to their community.

The ideal candidate:
1. Understands and embraces ISV’s three pillars: Electricity, Education and Enterprise
2. Demonstrates startup experience with success
3. Builds respectful relationships with communities and treat them as working partners, not charity cases
4. Establishes respectful relationships with authorities at the village, state and national levels
5. Creates an excellent management team with business, technology, and education components
6. Develops a clear vision of a business plan capable of reaching at least a million people in five years
7. Forsees the ability to attract investment capital for growth after a successful pilot
8. Envisions an ownership plan that includes and incentivizes community members as business partners
9. Willing to collaborate with holistic partners in addressing other critical needs
10. Passionately dedicates themselves to tackle the daunting challenges along the way

How to apply?

The application package consists of:

  • Completed application material with signed release form and three essays.

  • Download application form here 

  • Professional resume

  • One reference letter scanned, with contact information from past or current professional supervisor or mentor

  • Scanned official transcript of highest level of education achieved and/or currently in progress

Please send the complete application package to:

The submission deadline is May 30th.

 The successful applicants will be notified of the results after June 17th. Incomplete or late application materials will not be considered. Selection decision is final, there is no appeal process. Successful applicants will have to apply for the Power Africa conference and pay a reduced fee. For further information please contact  .

Are you an "old friend" of the IEEE Smart Village community?.Are you part of a current project or program with IEEE Smart Village or participant in other ways with our events and activities? Have you attended any of the Power Africa conferences in the past? Do you join any of the monthly Smart Village committee meetings? If yes, then please complete the "Old Friends" application found here. Old friends, send the complete application package to:


  • International Training Institute on Shehu Shagari Way, Maitama, Abuja, Nigeria
  • For inquiries about the 2019 Power Africa Conference contact: To learn more about the IEEE Smart Village program and inquiries, see: For inquiries about IEEE Smart Village at Power Africa Conference contact

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